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a short film about the cute mocking flies

The final Movie – Mocking flies

Kind of strange being finished. I’ll miss this year. I accomplished so much. Hope you all like the final result.







Test render


New update


Mocking flies

Sound comes out well. Animation is now as good as timed properly to sound.

I’ve started to animate lips and facial Expressions. They are super cute. find myself smiling when I work with them.


Animetic Mocking flies part 3


Mocking Flies – Part 3



We try agen :P

I’m finished with changing the jump and cutting some frames away. after that I changed the texture of the poop. now it looks cool..

The usb arrived yesterday. looks real nice 🙂



Final render 2 is done!

now i’m done with 2 of 3 renders.

almost done. joys me a lot. Just hope usb chip comes before I finish