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Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – The end of the cource

Done with the course for this time, I learned a lot. I wish I know more code, but it’s getting there. Now I have a script that makes an idle animation on a rig, something I did not even know is possible. All my work in this course I have done myself.

I am looking forward for more programming next year. I have enjoyed the new teacher John Klima a lot, he has had a lot of pressure on us, we have worked on a strict schedule. This have made us give it all. But we also been hold close so we had to do a good job. I really enjoyed that. I had my doubts about completing the game in time, but we did complete all we were supposed to. We also got the chance to work on our own things, like I made the models.

I will take the code experience with me for later projects. And I will show my characters in my portfolio. I feel that I have achieved my goals for the course in a good way, even got challenge on my leader skills. Shows out I think I do a really god job. A great experience.


Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – Rat Hole Texture

Bjørn made a really nice rat hole model, but because of time I helped him unwrap it and texture it. I used the texture Julian made for the ground and added some dirt texture. It will look nice in the game. I like to texture the modells.


Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – Idle Animation

Today I completed my idle animation, but the last day I had so much trouble with the arm. And when I found out what the problem was, I was so embarrassed. The arm did not move to the left side, I tried so much different things. And I knew the arm was working Espen’s animation did work. I knew I did something wrong. I tried even to copy Espen’s script into mine to see if it the would move, it did not. After much frustration, I see I have right arm script on the left arm. This is a nub mistake that cost me hours of work and much frustration. I can’t believe I did not check that first. But I learned so much on that mistake, in the end I think I learned more on that mistake then all the other things I have done so far.

After the mistake, I made my idle animation, and I am happy with how it looks. I did a good job for my first scripting animation.


Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Studio 2 complete

Last day and we all had a meeting where we made sure we delivered everything together. I love the fact that we do have meetings and work it out together. It is a bit mixed feeling about delivery. I am so proud of what we made, but I wish we could do more. I wish we could make the entire game, not only a prototype. This game is starting to look so good. Now it is showing that we made all our self, that is something that have been important to me. We had a good time working on the project, and we have all learned so much.

I have achieved so much the last months on this project! I started to make a Facebook page for the group, and a WordPress blog. I made a google folder to collect all our work. Set up a GitHub folder for the game.

I did model the alien and scientist character. I modelled the walls, roof, floore, door. I modelled and textured many assets like the fire extinguisher, dropper, shelf, square table, glass containers. Drew, designed and programmed the game HUD, made the GUI, background picture for the start menu (GUI) with particles and buttons and programmed the buttons to send the player to right scene. Made an option scene with audio slider that I programmed to turn on and off the background sound. And a credit scene.

I feel that the start of the course had too much research, research is a good thing, but not when it doesn’t have any meaning for the game/course. I felt that we started the course a bit later then what was intended for the course. But when we started it was a great experience.

Working together in a group and achieving something together was a new experience for me. I have done most of my studies alone because there has not been anyone to work with. I feel that we as a group did a lot together and we communicated in a good way, if we did not agree we voted. With five people in the group that was an easy vote. Even know we are all so different people we always managed to communicate in a good way, there has been no fighting or negative feelings between anyone in the group. We have not always agreed, but we have handled that in a good adult way

To be honest I kind of feel it should be that way, we are all adults and need to work well together. But in real life people don’t get along all the time. And when that happens it’s important to behave.

I feel I did take a lot of the control on what needed to be done in the group this year, I did not have a leader roll, but took it anyway. I pushed for meetings and tried to have control on what who worked on and when. I think it would have been easier if I did take the official roll of the leader, that would have given me a right to ask more and control more. But at the same time, it can make me stricter. And not everyone like to have a girl “bossing them around”. So, for this project I think it all went really well.

For later projects, I think we should have on person who controls time management, we did well as a group, but I believe we can do more if we control it.

I wanted to make the code on the game HUD key, so that if the player found a key it would light up, he would need to find that key in the level to open the door. But I knew time was short so I only made the design but did not have time to implement a code in the game. I knew I did not have time when we started, but if anything went faster than planned I would have the opportunity to make it.

I love the fact that I now have a drawing tablet to draw inside, I used it allot and feel that this will make my sketches better. I will keep on practicing my drawing skills, hopefully I will learn more about it next year.

One of the skills I would like to know more is substance painter. I made my glass assets with it, but did not have the time to get deep into the program. If I have the opportunity to work on that next year that would make my skill improve so much. I would need that skill to complete my models in Unity. My design would be much better, and I will have less seems in my texture when using that type of program.

I hope I this summer can work on my church model that I made outside school. If I can manage to texture that properly with Substance painter I would learn so much in the proses. This will be a great summer activity.

I have not worked inside Unity before and feel I learned so much inside the game engine. My first studio 2 I made a game by myself, and from what I made then I have come a far way. I have figured out that I like Unity more than Unreal engine, Unity is easier to code inside and have an easier workflow. I will continue to work inside Unity next year.

Most important of all is that I’m left with a feeling of pride for Our achivement. This is something I can show in my portfolio.

And with that I would like to say thank you all for now and I am so looking forward for next year Studio 3.



Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – Lead Artist

I feel as a lead artist it can be difficult to keep order over what is going on at campus. Easier to keep track of the online students. This might be because they are more on skype, but also, I know them better. We have made a group on skype, and I ask what is done and keep a track. I try to follow up on the things that need to be done true the document on google.

I also been following up the things that need to be done fast like the character rig and texture. This is starting to look good.

I feel that I have a responsibility to check up on everyone, but how much is my responsibility? If they don’t do it in time, will I stand responsible? I I feel like I don’t want to find out, so we will have to do a good job and work together.


Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Commit error

Today something happened to the commit, one of the people in the group committed a old scene with assets, the problem is that it’s over a month sense that file been downloaded and updated, so everything sense then is missing. We need that file, but with short time before delivery this could have been a problem. Now all worked on adding their stuff into the scene like it was before. This makes me feel a bit enjoyed and I wish there would have been more omits and synchronization on the files so this could be avoided. As well as I am feeling the pressure of delivery.

After some work, all is back to the way it was. I learned that it is so important to commit every day that When I complete something I commit it right away. I am too afraid of losing my work.

The good thing is that I have written my blog regally and can go back and see what I have worked on and when. I need to be better at adding links to where I found my information in my blog, not only in the document. That way if I use something and don’t remember what it was can just read my journal and find out what I did where and how I found it.



Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – Starting the Coding

Started with the code today, and there is so much to know, one of the things I see is that This is something I need to work on. If I can’t do basic code, how will I make my games. But it is like a whole new languish. I got some tutorials from John today, and started to look at them. The good thing is here they go true all from the start. I learned allot today, and the head is full of information.

I’m happy we get some help to put up the code, even know I now see what is some of the code I don’t yet know where I should add it.



Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – Rat Model Complete

I completed my rat and sent it over to Putle for UVW mapping. I decided to use the Goblin mesh to work out from, that way I did not need to invent everything from scratch. I did a good job this weekend and now I feel I managed so much. I made two entire characters and designed them the last 2 weekends. So now I will follow up the characters before I jump into the coding.


Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – Designing the Rat

Today I started to model the rat character for our game. I gave my word that I would be finished by Monday, so I have some work to do this weekend. I am wondering a bit how I will design the rat, I was told that it should be able to go down on four legs. I started to design direct with a broken armor dress type of thing but that won’t look god with the rat going down on four legs.

So ill change the cloth with spikes and make him more evil.



Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – Flipped UVW faces

I had some complaints about the model, the textures were flipped UVW faces, never seen that before. At first I believed it was flipped UV faces, that was wrong. After some testing, I believed it to be the mesh, because it needed an extra edge to be a triangle in some faces. But after much work I found out it was the UVW mapping that have vertex standing a way that the computer believes its flipped. How to solve this is go inside the UVW mapping and moving the vertexes that causes problems.

Before and after fixing

That means it was not the mesh I made, but the unwrapping of the character. This will be a good experience to have learned for later 

Now that I know what the problem was, and fixed it I sent it over to Putle for texturing. One model down, one to og!