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Animatic 02 Emotion

Animatic 2 – Written statement

I wanted to make something that was a little outside my comfort. Started to look for music that was romantic or happy, but this music is so safe. So I thought I’d try myself on something a little more uncertain. I looked at music that was creepy or just weird. I ended up finding music that makes you a little crazy.

After I had chosen music, I had to create video with color. I started with making pictures in Photoshop that I could use. After some thought I was thinking that I could just model what I want. So I went into 3D Max and modeled what I wanted. Afterwards I animated the models and rendered the result into a movie.


3D Max scene

I wanted the feeling crazy to appear clear. I therefore decided to use the colors yellow, red and orange as colors, those are some strong and clear colors, by getting the spiral and move one becomes a little ripped into play. I wanted to keep the focus to the audience, so I had a shape that moved in the middle of the spiral, the change from diamond to triangle and on to the circle. By that I had a shape in the middle of the movie, that will hold your eyes are at the shape.




Animatic update

Ok, so I am working on the sound, this is so far away from my skills. That means it is good to have some practice

For the whistling sound I found a bird singing and used that. Sounds so cool.

Footprints and eggshell I found at I used speed on the footprint to make him run. Changed the volume to make him sound closer and for changing the attitude of the guard.



I am missing some sounds:


Can add:

  • The guard keys when his moving
  • Snake comes out from egg ( happy hmm sound?)
  • Snake goes down the display?



So I figures out I can make sounds with voice recorder on the computer, take them inside Fillmora and pitch the sound down. That way it sounds more like the guard. Have been working so much on making the sounds of the breathing and the voices. Took my 11-year-old Mina and we made so many sounds together. She really did work hard. We only used some of them, but it was a great learning curve. And she didn’t have any issue yelling or over acting her part. Something that is really cool, the sounds are much more real than.

So fun to take the schoolwork into the family life.

Found the background sound on youtube.


I think the skills I have in sound is getting a really good effect compared to my skill level. And, I think it is a funny ending on the animatic.



I made the storyboard finished. Now I will make all the pictures from my storyboard into .pdf files and import them into my recording program.

I bought Filmora for this year so I can do the schoolwork I need and record my tutorials. So far I like it.

Now I need to write down a list of all the sounds I need.

Sound list

  • Background sound
    • Light happy
    • Scared and hard
  • Footsteps (from far away coming closer, light taps)
  • Eggshell cracking (snake egg don’t make cracking sound, but for the animatic we overdo it)
  • Happy sound from snake coming out of the egg?
  • Steps (heavy steps, coming closer)
  • Snake gasping for air? (scared from something coming)
  • Guard shout out in surprise
  • Running footprint coming closer
  • Beetle walking fast away into the hole. <Nails walking over the table>
  • Guard “ohhh oh” sound when he sees its empty
  • Guard sees the snake “ahhh”
  • Guard grabs after the snake <sound of a rocket moving?>
  • Snake hissing
  • Hand grabbing after snake <sound of a rocket moving?>
  • Guard yelling <noooooo>
  • Snake breath out relived
  • Expectation sound of something coming

Now I will make a sound clip with where I think the sounds should be. To see how long the scenes are.






Time to make the template for my storyboard. It is really easy and fun to make. Because it is so easy I made a tutorial for everyone. That way you too can make your own template.


I did have some problems finding out how to make my sketches talk true my storyboard. I got help from my teacher Alexander, to see that I have to exaggerate my drawings. focusing on that I have to bring up the most important images. I was also informed that there was no clarity on where my character came from. So I decided to add drawing from the museum and a sign letting you know how the snake is found.

I felt even that I was missing a part. After conversations at home I found out we’ve seen the story too many times. Upon seeing it too many times does one become a little blind.

I asked why one of the other students in the class (Putle) to watch it. He gave me very good feedback. Turned out that the faces of my character did not made sense. The guard looked really angry, but he is just really surprised.


as well he told me the eggs look more like chicken eggs, not snake eggs. I did have snakes at home when I lived in Spain and know this, but I now see I should have done some more research on the snake.

I fixed these things and the storyboard now make much more sense. after I was done with all the drawings in the thought that in one game you are interested in playing more. Therefore, I put a maze background so people playing get nosy for what is next


Animatic – Sound effect

Sound effect

Today we have been learning about sound. I am really impressed by the fact that movies add so much of the sound after the movie is made. For sure I will listen for the sounds the next time I watch a movie.



Production audio focuses on recording dialogue, daily life sound they add later on (looping ADR)

  • Ambient = Background Sound
  • Library effects = Prerecorded sound effect
  • Foley = Footsteps, cloth, props

For my animatic I should make a list of all my sounds before I start making them

dident know they added that much sound in a movie

ailien sound horror water phone

Filter to add on your sound

high pass filter:

A high-pass filter

noise gate: Removes background noice



Common types include low-pass filters, which pass through frequencies below their cutoff frequencies, and progressively attenuates frequencies above the cutoff frequency. Low-pass filters are used in audio crossovers to remove high-frequency content from signals being sent to a low-frequency subwoofer system.


A high-pass filter does the opposite, passing high frequencies above the cutoff frequency, and progressively attenuating frequencies below the cutoff frequency. A high-pass filter can be used in an audio crossover to remove low-frequency content from a signal being sent to a tweeter.


A bandpass filter passes frequencies between its two cutoff frequencies, while attenuating those outside the range. A band-reject filter, attenuates frequencies between its two cutoff frequencies, while passing those outside the ‘reject’ range.


An all-pass filter passes all frequencies, but affects the phase of any given sinusoidal component, according to its frequency.


Synopsis presentation

My synopsis was today read for the class today. I got allot of feedback that I can work on.
The good thing about feedback, is that you can only do better.
I really like people who is secure enough to give feedback even know it’s not good feedback.
It’s the hardest to give and get, but the one you learn the most from.
I need to focus more on my character, less the detail. I’ll go over the questions
What? Why? Wow? Who?
And from there I should get a better synopsis.
I also got this link to “How to write a 1-page synopsis”, so I thought I would read some today.




The moral of the story is the lesson you learn from the story.

Synopsis is:

A brief summary on the plot of a novel, motion picture, play, etc.

How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis

Storyboard words:

Write what happens in each scene.


Is the feel of the game, not the entire story of the game.




Game                                              Third person view


The more you eat, the stronger you get.

On the search for old artefacts, they find the famous grave of queen Cleopatra. Inside the grave they find her jewellery box full of many broken eggs and skeletons of old snakes, but underneath everything is one whole egg. It’s taken to an old museum inside the pyramids of Egypt. Inside the display its plenty of light to show it off.

One night after a few weeks on display the egg starts to hatch. The heat from the lamp have started a proses that makes the egg come to life. Out comes a snake so rare and beautiful.

It quickly gets down from the display and heads for the cracks in the wall. It doesn’t take him long to get inside the wall and hide.

When his deep inside he finds many hidden paths, all have different sizes and go in all kind of directions. It looks like a maze inside the pyramid.

It’s now time to explore the new territory. It doesn’t take long before he can see the people looking for him, and the sight of the flash lights lighting up inside the cracks makes him scared. His not the only one, in front of the light a mouse comes running fast. The snake launches after the small mouse and catches him. That meal makes him only want more.

Time to go looking for some food. He catches all from small to bigger mouse, he can feel that his growing longer and thicker with every meal.

He needs to find bigger path to crawl into before he manages to eat himself stuck. Longer ahead he can see there’s many different places he can go. When he closes up to a huge crack in the wall he can see something red glowing eye looking at him, he turns and runs away, when safe in a crack just his size he looks back, and at the entrance there is a huge rat with red yes looking at him. Good thing the rat was too big come after and catch him.

Some time goes by and the snake have become a big fully grown snake, the mice that he eats is now so small that can’t stop the hunger. He takes up the hunt after the big rat.

It doesn’t take long before he found the rat, but the rat starts running into the different paths, without thinking the rat finds himself in a narrow one way street. He has no were to go, the snake won’t let this opportunity go. He strikes after the rat and eats him in one bite. While swallowing the rat the snake feels the path getting smaller. He tries to turn around and get out of there, but the more he tries the more stuck he gets. It don´t take long before he can’t move all, he hisses and pusses on the wall to get free. All suddenly the roof over him starts to crack. The rocks crumbles down around him. He looks up to the stars over his head, he is finally free from the pyramid’s.