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(UM2LUD101) – Delivery

Me and my group had a long meeting this evening, making sure there is no gaps in the document, and checking all our files are updated and looking good for delivery. We should have been writing more in the game document the loss two weeks, but because of the programming there has not been any time. Even though it’s hard work at the end, I like it when we work like this together. We can feel that everyone is working on the same project, and see each other writing in the document.

I might do things a bit different if we were to do the project again. I would focus more on the story part, and made sure it was a good story before we started thinking about the game. That way we would be sure that we had a good story, and hope that we manage to make a good game from that story. But at the same time our game has the main point of global warming, the ice is melting and the water is rising. These is one of the most known effect of global warming. In the game plays around water. That means that our story might be short and missing some parts, but you have good global warming mechanics with water rising.

The feeling will we were all done, was fantastic. I really enjoyed delivering the file. It’s been a lot of intense working the last weeks with programming. And now it’s been good to have delivered something that we have made. It has been a great experience to be able to plan and make a fully functional board game together. And I have a perfectly, functional good-looking prototype. I will take care of this game play to my friend.



(UM2LUD101) – Connecting script with Hans

Today me and Hans connected our scripts, his dice together and my GameManager script. So much fun to see the pieces come together. We did have one challenge because the Draggable script was in Java. We did not manage to place the game manager on the game object. After a lot of trouble, we decided to make a new C# Draggable to pace on the game objects, to make the script work together. This ended up working well. So now the dice checks for the last cards to see what the dice will “throw”. And if the last card was a plot the Bunker card will spawn when you roll the dice. This video shows what we accomplished.


New GameManager script

New CDraggable script


(UM2LUD101) – C# GameManager, CardDeck and CardType

The coding is really difficult, it’s a big language to learn in a short time. I wish we had had more time on this project, maybe start with small assignments right away. It can be something as easy as writing print(); maybe even having one small tutorial every week. That way we will have programming more of the time, and more time to hold the information that will are. I see that I learn something new every time I work with code. It is an important learning curve that I will need to learn, if I want to be a game design.

I had so much trouble finding the answer I needed in the Java/Unity script. One of the things I found out what that Unity 5.3 stopes supporting autocomplete for MonoDevelop Java script. The consequences will be that we need to figure out all code ourselves, without any help or suggestions for what to write. For us that have no skills in programming, this is like learning a new language without the dictionary. Unity is gradually removing js support from upcoming versions of Unity. That makes me question why we need to learn it, would it then not be better to learn C#? I use more time searching for answers in Java, then I do coding. Therefore, I decided that I showed I can figure it out in js, and now I try to learn how to work in C#.

This week I wrote my game manager script, I did get some guidance from my husband, but I wrote all the code myself. I have taken a lot of notes this time, recommendations from Josh, to make sure that I remember where things are going, so when I look back at this in the future. This will also help other people when they read the code. Then I will be able to see what I have done, and why had I have done it. I started writing notes over the code to make it look more organized. I posted my code here, together with the notes, if anyone is interested.

CGameManager script

CCardDeck script

CardType script


(UM2LUD101)- Playtime With Josh

We were supposed t have a play session with Filipe today, but unfortunately, he was not feeling well. Luckily Josh stepped in and we did get the play session anyways.

The new play session is Josh, we did not get the cards that I was expecting to. There were way too many road cards and all the event cards ended upon the but bottom of the card deck. This made the game came on as a bit slow in the start. But that is something we have been made aware earlier as well. We also had some interaction with the offensive and defensive cards that we should look at. There was allot of feedback to prosses all together and I felt like we went one step back. One of the things I do agree om is that the is missing some on the story part. Global warming is hidden and we should make it stand out more. But with the time we have on this assignment we been working so many hours and now with the programing we can’t seem to have time to complete it all. Now we have one week to complete the programing of the game and we did decide that for now we will focus on managing to complete the programing.

I am really pleased with how the new cards are to play with, they give a good feel in the hand when placing them. That means that I did a good job on the new paper prototype.


Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – GitHub trouble


I was so proud when the snap worked, only thing missing is programing the card to lock on the placeholder. But with some guidance I completed one of my first working code. Only other code I made working is GUI. And this is much more advanced then GUI because GUI is many people who made and I can easily find help for that. For my snap I need to make my own code, I found some help online inside unity, but I needed to find more codes and more explanations like how to link to the event system.

So all completed and well and I need to upload to GitHub. I commit my changes, and it commits, but I can’t merge my branch to master, I get the error that there is nothing to commit. And from there I kept on making mistakes. I somehow managed to try out branching the master to the branch, now my files are old and don’t look anything like they are supposed to. Ask Josh for help but he did not have much experience with that, he told me to find the branch. After some searching on google and not finding much of use I get lucky testing and finds out you can get the earlier version committed by going from desktop GitHub and open that commit on from there I could download the version that was working.

Now I know I have not lost all those hours of work but how do I get this version to the master on GitHub? When I try to commit anything I only get errors. At this point I can’t commit anything or restore it like it was. So the good thing is I have the files I made, the bad thing is I have no clue how to get them online for the others to use GitHub. I did send them the original working files, they only need to work on the code and that they can do without GitHub. So that way they don’t lose any time because they don’t have what they need.

Putle was kind and offered to help me by trying to upload the files from his computer, but we are where we started, the files don’t have anything to commit. Now I am so tired that I need to rest and sleep on it.


New day, and we try again.

Today is studio 2 day, so I need to focus on studio 2 today mainly but I asked Espen, who I work with in Studio 2, to see if he knows how to fix this. He told me that he would take a look tonight. That was something I really appreciate, he is not in my group but takes the time to help me anyways.

If it shows out he can’t help me with this task I will ask tomorrow on the skype if anyone teacher or student have any experience about this. If they don’t have any experience. I will need to find another solution for how to share the files. I will try to keep searching online for the answer to my problem, but so far I have not found anything I can use.

If I get in the situation again I learned that I am not supposed to merge the master to the branch if I am working in the branch. That will give me trouble. And always make backup locally. I was lucky this time, next time I might lose everything by not taking the local backup.

And we are jump to evening time!

Espen and I met this evening over skype, I shared my screen and he told me what to do. The good thing about doing it this way is that I learn along the way. We worked over one hour and everything we tried gave error or failed. At the end we delete the folder on my computer and the GitHub on desktop, downloaded last version even know that was wrong version. Now we were allowed to commit the changes. We took the original files into the GitHub folder and tried to commit that to the master, that did not work. But Espen told me to make some changes inside Unityunityversioncontrolsettings

After that we tried to commit again, and it worked. It committed to the master and now Putle tried to download and that worked perfectly.

Espen saved the day! Thank you so much Espen!!!

I am so happy he took the time to help me figure it out. I learned allot about how to commit and how to add to the master. And now how to fix it, if I do something wrong.


Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Snap working

The snap function is now working and I did add some comment to my code. Looks much better now that it is clear. I might have commented to much but better with too much than not enough. I decided to add my code here so if anyone wonders how it is done they can take a look. As well as I will see the changes along the way when I post my work.

Draggable code


Slot code





Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Meeting With Josh

Today I had a meeting with Josh and he looked at my code. Shows out the snap was working inside the different parent then I wanted it to, so I placed it wrong. The start position of the object changed, the reason it changed was that it didn’t tell it to go to the plays it was when the game started or the object was spawned. We added that inside the <OnEndDrag> function. After these things was changed it worked well, now I need to make the roads to have dragged disabled after it snaps to a different parent. We also talked about adding a sound on the card when it gets snapped to a new parent, but I think I need to work on the button <CardDeck> first. I felt that when we went true the code I should have made more notes, take to Josh and he believes that would be good to for everyone else when they see the code, but I see it will be good for me to ehen I go true the code fast, that will leave no rooms for hesitation on what is the different functions and variables.

I did talk to Josh about my thought on Java that I feel it is a bit hard and that it does have limitations. He agreed, but also told me it depends on the tasks. He did give me some good feedback about our next course will be C#. that made me happy because C# is big and they have much information and tutorial that I would love to work on. But for now I will focus on trying to learn all I can about Java. I need to know bough Java and C# for my games.

I told Josh about the console.Log(“Text”); not working in unity and he told me we don’t write java direct, more Unity script. He also showed me I can use print(“Text”); to get a message, I can even use that command to print out comments about objects. That is something that can be useful when you work with the cards, telling you what card you are working on.

I did get good feedback on my work. So I am satisfied with the lesson today, I learned a lot and I did get help to solve the pieces I needed to make my card snap right. Now I will add the files to GitHub so the others can get a complete scene and then I’ll work on making the drag card disabled after placed.

I am happy I did ask for guidance, I learned that with guidance I will learn more and ill understand more about what is going on inside the code.


Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) GUI and card snap

Studio 2, but I am making it in C# there, so making it in Java will be a new experience. This was right, there was some new things to consider like how to load the scenes. But beside the code it was the same process. Java don’t use “public void” they use “function”, but they booth use “click on()” inside unity. I did add the code to show how I did it.
On the function StartGame I tried to use the code:
This was my first try and it did not work because Unity gets multiple event system error, tells me that unity don’t support multiple event systems.
I therefore changed it to:
That made the code work perfectly.
Java GUI code:

C# GUI code:


I don’t have any experience from Java from earlier. Did try to learn some C# a year ago, not much but I worked on making classes and an easy pump bottle. This gave me some experience of variables and classes. I know it is important to learn the programing basic if I want to make my own games. So I need to work hard on this course and get all I can get of experience.
For guidance I sometimes discuss school work at home with my husband. He has programming skills and that gives me a good opportunity to ask if I am thinking the right way on how to do things like starting the coding and the code structure. How to set up my work list.
At the same time, he knows allot and because I am a beginner it is important that I try myself first. We have done well on that part, he doesn’t do me any bear favors, only guidance if I ask for it or have a though about how to do something. He also supports me on my study and want me to learn as much as possible. So we cheer the responsibilities at home after who needs to work at the evening. This have worked well for us. And now we do it automatically in a daily routine.
So far I am not sure I like Java. It started with me working at Code academy for learning the basic and writing the easy variables and getting some practice with int, string, bool. We also started with the log system, was console.log(“text here”); This don’t work inside java. I found out by unity forum that Debug.Log(“text here”); works inside java. S this is not Javas fault, but Code academy.
Feel I can’t find enough information on Java, most information is on C#. I feel the limitations when I search for help to the code I am trying to write. So the question is if it’s me having challenges with java, or java having limitations?
The question won’t be answered today, but when I have more experience.


Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Progression update


I made the printable prototype yesterday, not sure how well it will be on normal paper. I use thick paper and glued them together for the prototype at my house. This on the other hand worked well. I have been thinking about using laminating and making them blued together, but I am afraid the plastic edge will go too far outside the edge. I decided not to do that laminate the cards for that reason. If anyone would like to try our game here is my blog with the rule book and printable prototype

I have so far managed to make the cards move on the canvas, but it do only that, move where I tell it too. When I drop it stops the place I drop it. I made a small video to show how it looks

I also started looking at a lot of tutorials and training videos for programing. One of the tutorials I did get from Josh started with learning me that to write a log inside your code you should write


That don’t work, I need to use

Debug.Log (“test01”);

I am not sure if console works in other places then Java, but it doesn’t work for Unity. I feel that by figuring these things out I am learning what to do, or not to do.

I started programing the cards in 3D, this showed out that moving them in a 3D environment can be hard, if we use the UI we can focus only on 2 vectors. If we use 3D we need to think about coordinates. Moving in a 3d world and camera script. We did decide to use a 2D UI game to make it as easy.


I am making the cards snap in the right place today, so I can make them go where they are supposed to.


I am planning making the cards snap only to the right tile that I want it too. So one tile can only have that one card connect to it.
Progression on board game

The progression is slow and study. All in my group is new at programing, so we will make the tasks we are placed on and if completed before time we will help out where needed.

My progression on digital adaption of the board game

I believe we will make the part of the prototype that we went over with Josh. We will have to work hard and many hours but I have set a goal to complete that part. I see that there is so many challenges along the way that will be hard, but Ill rather make my goal harder then I need to learn as much as possible, than too easy and not learning all the challenges.



Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Prototype printable

Today I made our game prototype printable, so now you can try our game to. If you try it be sure to leave us feedback.



Road cards


Resource Cards


Defensive and offensive Cards + bridge cards