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Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Ethics of games

I don’t play as much games as I should. I love to play, but the issue here is the time. When I do play I usually play games together with the kids, so the morals are not too bad for those games. I don’t mind some killing etc, but it depend on the kids I play with.

I play with my brother in laws kid, he’s 8 years old and play all most every shooting games there are, he is a good player to. But he don’t get affected on the violence or bad morals, he sleeps just and don’t worry about the games.

My kid is 12, and with her we play the nice games like Super Mario and our favorite game is Raymond. The morals of Raymond are good, we save the small people from the pirate and the evil ones. We collect flies and escape dangers. The design is full of colors and the world is based on cartoon design. The small people ask for help so we help them.

My brother plays a lot “Call of duty” witch I would say have more morally points, you team up and kill the others. Different degree of violence, perhaps because of how you play the game. When it comes to the games morals I think it is important to play something you like and something propitiate for your, but a not on the game with the age recommendations and the content would be nice. The age of the player can be very different, but it will give an indicator for the one who buys the game what the game is about.

I did not think they should make games with bad morals. But after some thought I see that was wrong. why make a game where you break the morals? But if you can’t break the morals you can’t make a shooting game, not even Mario or Raymond. So where is the limit for what is okay? When is the moral to bad, and who decides that?

So my conclusion is that you can make the games you want , if they make something stupid and unmoral that’s up to them, but don’t let kids get the hold of the games. Use an age limit and describe the moral issues on the game so people can see if they do want that before they buy the game.


Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Our protototype plan


We had a group meeting with Josh today, and that was so helpful. We went over the mind map and decided to only make a small part of the game, but we will make that part work.

Our group had a meeting and a discussion on what to make after the meeting. Hans made a line with the roads, and that was nice, Putle helped with the offensive and defensive cards. I like the idea of having the game look kind of like our game, but much easier. This will give us a chance to complete the part we are making, and that will leave us with a short game we can make a movie clip out of.

I wish we would use C#, because that is something I tried to work on before, and if I want to make many games it would be nice to keep to one type that I know. At the same time if I never try Java I won’t know the difference between C# and Java. Putle also would like C#, but Hans would like to use Java, and when he speaks his mind I feel it’s a good gesture to try it his way, his always open for our ideas and often lets us choose if we have a big opinion. So I feel that should go both ways. So I told them my group my opinions on that case and the reason why I think we should go for Java, Putle agreed with me on that so the group decided we will work in Java.

After the meeting with my group we had a new meeting with Josh where he agreed on the things we would like to program and believed it would be possible for our group to complete that task. We went over quick how to make the tiles easy in Photoshop before we ended the meeting.


This afternoon when my group meet up, I made a Git Hub project file with our program. We turned on the share screen on skype where I made the boxes and Hans made the textures. Putle made the models at his computer at the same time I did on his computer but not inside Git Hub, because we have on project together and the Git Hub is the best way to make us connected he downloaded the file I made so we would have the same project. It is important that we work in the same files so we can connect the branches when they are complete.

Feel that I might take a bit control over the project sometimes, for better or worse. When I take the control I don’t stop and wait for the others to start to make the things like the game Git Hub project file today. I take control and start making the basic that is needs to be done for the group to share the tasks between us. That sometimes take away the other students the possibility to start, they may start if they let us all know they have started, but if no one tells me they start to do the work I will. I’m eager to get the project started, some tasks we need one person to do the work before the group can start to work. It is not always me who start, but I might be a bit quick sometimes. The good thing here is the group is not afraid to tell me if there is anything.


Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Mind map mechanics


The lecture today showed my group that we need to see what the mechanics of the game will do, so we started to make a mind map in google together. After a while we found out that google did not have enough space for the whole map. So while Hans wrote in google I started to write in MindMaple. This worked really well for a while, but when he did not have any more space I shared my screen over skype and we filled it inn together.

It is easier when the group worked together. We went true all mechanics together and the hardest one was the water. After we were all done I did remember Hans told me I should make it going down, not to the side to save space. So I learned how to do that with MindMaple and made a new one that looks much more organized. This way you find the mechanics more easy. I will for sure use this way next time.

This new mind map will make it all much easier, but when I see all we have to make there is no chance we will manage to make the whole game in less than 2 weeks. We decided that we would only make one part, but I wish we could make something that we could show. But if we all make our part and they don’t work together we won’t really be able to show much to anyone else then the person who grade us. I wish we could make something that will give us a chance to see the game. Exited for tomorrow where we will show what we have done and see what part we will program. We did make some notes.

I will program the game manager
Putle will do the cards
Hans will do the dice and start hand

So for now we are doing well. I did write into the diagram today what more we need. And it is starting to look good.




Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – First step of the programing

I set down with my husband yesterday and we talked about what is the best way to program our game. He has experience with programing and told me he can guide me, but I will do it myself. I do think programing is exiting but of curse difficult, but you can’t be a good game designer without understanding programing. So I started a little bit with C# last year, but have not had much time too practice it this year. So I feel that beside knowing a variable and classes I need to learn everything. The good thing is what I know I will use. Because we need to use Java, I feel I need to start looking at beginner tutorials to see what is different from C#. Beside repetition is always good. But anyway, we went over the game last night and places suggestions on different tasks for the group members to take. The group don’t have much experience and I like to think ahead of time. We made a diagram and added all the classes with all the variables. Wrote down if they are private or not to make sure we can get the variables we need from the different classes and the one that will be private.


I decided that I would like to program the Game manager, and there is a reason for that. At the start of the game we presented our game ideas for the other students. My game Squnami was not chosen by anyone, the reason for that is that I planned much more then I needed and I had only 2 sentences to explain that game. And I did not do that in a god way. I love the game idea I had here and I really wish to make that game.

When Becky came with the offer to show my groups game at Comic Con in Denver I was so excited, but I did not get any response from my group, I believe this to be because they have so much with their different courses, that they don’t find the time to do this before June. I am happy I know that at an early stage, because I see only opportunity here. I can make my own game outside my courses. I don’t have much free time as it is, but this is my dream we are talking about, I can’t give it up. I need this opportunity to learn and show everyone what I can accomplish. So I have decided I will make my game at my spare time, and combine it with school where I can combine it. And my game have the need for programing a game manager. It’s the same principles between this game and mine. I need a card event manager and board layout manager to, but the biggest task is game manager, and if I learn this I will from there be able to make the others afterward. I think I will redo everything when we are done for my game because I want mine to be C#, and my group is working in Java, but that I can easily do when I know how to do it in Java.

I do research all I need to do before I start, and my group decided that we need to refresh/know the beginner guide for programing in unity. We decided to look at some tutorials we found at Digitaltutors to learn the basic. That way we know the basic before we start the programing of our game. My husband is kind and he agreed to sit down with my group, and we can find out what we need as a group this weekend. He is working a lot, but we have a child free weekend this weekend and he would take time for me and my group then.

Hans found some good java tutorials for Rule manager earlier. It is a rule manager for flights but if we change the things in the tutorials for what we need I think this can work. The group feels a little overwelled, but with learning the basic now we will start programing the game next week.

Me and my group started to make a document of what we needed to program and the parts we need.


Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Play test for fun


What kind of challenges are at stake:

Your challenge is to make you and your corporations survive the consequences of global warming. You will face the dangers of the water rising, place road tiles to get around and finding your events and plots. When the water raises you will need to find different roads that leads to the events, when you managed to complete 3 events you will need to find out where the banker is and where to go to get to it. You will get resources on your way that will help you buy defensive and offensive cards to make your journey easier, and help you will get to the bunker first.

Reaction time

This game lets you use the time you like for the most parts, but there are some defensive and offencive cards you should hurry and play before the other players turns are over, to save yourself or make it more difficult for the other players.


All the players will survive until the end of the game. At the end of the game there will be only one winner, the player and his corporations that manages to get to the bunker first in time to survive. When the bunker is closed the other players lose the game.

Memory and knowledge

You have some memory in the game in the end. You need to remember to make the water appear at the end of each round.  You also will have to count the events you made and remember to check where the banker will arrive after you achieved your 3 event.

Game goal at the end of the game or are there subgoals along the way?

You need to win the events along the game these are the small subgoals.

The main goal is in the end, that is when you throw the dice to make the bunker arrive at one of the plots, when you manages to get to the bunker, you won the game


The player’s goals are already decided before you start the game. I think the goals are clear and easy to understand, but it gives you a challenge having more than one goal, you will have to work for it. complete the event and get to the bunker. I don’t think it’s too hard, but makes it more interesting completing events and then finding out where the bunker is.


I think the rules are easy to learn. A new player might need a test run to learn them all, but after that you know the rules and are ready to start playing again. I believe many people will enjoy this game and that they will want to play it more times. But the only way to be for sure about this is to complete the prototype with the new colors and play it with my friends or family and see if they like it.


The story is simple to understand. We are in the future and the warnings about global warming have not been heard. The ice is now melting and you need to get your corporations

to safety in the banker before you drown. You will feel the ice melting when you complete the 3 event and you now need to turn one water tile at the end of  each round. We have been thinking about characters, but decided that there will only be you as a player and the corporations you will save. We will show more of the Global warming in the events, they will have pictures of things that will occur when the global warming becomes out of control. Like ice storm, sand storm, dry season,  tsunami etc. This will give the player a feeling on the problems that relate to Global warming and the event that they will win will have a clear theme. The banker is as well shown on one card, the plots will be grounds that the event will show up on. I feel the story is coming along very well when it comes to getting it into the gameplay.


The prototype looks good, maybe a bit easy with only the lines. It needs to have the right colors on the cards , show the events with pictures together with the defensive and offensive cards. This have been made but not added to the game prototype yeth. The road cards is planned to be done with buying paper in the colors of the water using paper that is glues on to make the  cards look good. This will as well make the game flow better. less confusing like they can be right now, because of numbers that are on the cards with rules that now is removed. For a player that don’t know this game new cards will make the game better and easier to play.

Social aspect

The players can talk and team up if they like, they have cards they can throw at each other. defensive or offensive, when they have this cards on the hand it is an advantage to hide them from the other players. that is the only secret you should not talk about. When you play them this will make the player interact using the card. Beside that they can interact with each other whenever they would like.

Uncertainty / Surprise

There are different surprise elements in the game, when you draw a card offensive and defensive cards this can make you happy and positive if you get what you planned for or, there are some positive feelings when someone gets an event or plot. The game don’t hide manny big surprises, but I don’t feel it have to either. The game gives a lot of feelings all true the game.


I feel I lose the sense of time when I play, I can play 1 hour and the time just run by. That means I enjoy the time that I play, and that the game is something I find fun. The game can give you a boost feeling when you find out if you are a defensive or aggressive player. You can get a feeling of accomplishment when you play an defensive card that gets the opponent back manny steps. or it can bring the feeling of just a little bit more and you will manage to complete something. The game is very random, and so will your feelings become playing this game.



Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Play for fun with Amit

Today I and Hans had a test play for fun session with Amit. And it was really funn to play, we played all most one hour and we got allot of feedback/ questions. I see that I need to make the road cards over with new clear colors. That way we will be able to plan ahead witch land we place and how we strategically will place the roads.

We need the cards to be hard so I think I will make the cards with thick paper and glue 2 pieces together with different colors, blue background and the color of the rode on the front. I think this will make them look good. Only worry I have is that if they are glued together they may be hard to shuffle. I can fix this with using laminating, but if I use laminate I need a small piece around the card to be laminated together. Will this space give problems for playing? I think that it might. There is another possibility with using adhesive plastic paper. I think it might use a moment more to make, but at the same time i think it will last longer than normal paper without adding to the size of the cards.

I decided I will try to use self-adhesive paper. I think this will give me the best result. Maybe use tape on the edge to keep it closed at the sides.

When playing Amit asked if we could make the start tile to a water tile. I was thinking it is not possible, but I soon figured out I did not know for sure why we could not do that. We had a talk inside the group and Putle came with a good reason, we use the start tile to navigate where the water arrives. So if we remove the water tile we will have a difficult time seeing where the water arrives. This was a good argument for the start tile, and I now see why we can’t turn it. In the end we decided not to do anything with the start tile, the way we designed it works best.

We also talked about why you can’t destroy the tile you stand on. I personally like that you can’t die in the game, for the reason that if you die early in a game there is no fun looking at the others play for an hour without you to be able to play along whit the others. Amit had a suggestion that you can destroy the tile under a player and the player would freeze to the ground. But I like that you can’t fall in the water, you are running from it. Beside I the water tile goes in the water and the other players turn all the roads around him, where would he go? This makes the game much more complicated, so we decided that this is not a factor that will work for our game.

The water starts when the players complete 3 events all together. We did get an advice that we should start with the player that have the most coins. Something I think sound really good. That would make sense that the person who destroyed the most gets the water to start. That would punish that person. When we talked about it in the meeting This was something I wanted to change, but Putle came with a good reason not to, that water is something we wanted the players not to be able to control, this is something that happens to everyone, not only one person. That’s why I did agree with Putle and we decided together that that was a good thing.

Defensive and offensive cards. We were made aware that we have many cards in the deck of offensive and defensive cards, but we don’t have any on defending your event. This would be a cool card. I like that we are collecting more cards and making them look better. We now need to get some more ideas on what that card can do, we have placed that as a thing we need to manage to come up with one of the next days.

We need more interaction, I believe that giving a bigger start boost will make the game flow better, and make an interesting start, I believe that can be done by increasing the card deck you start with. It can be done with a player getting 5 cards to start, 2 offensive/defensive cards and 3 resources, or 3 defensive/offensive and 2 resources. Maybe even letting a player add 3/5 road cards the first round. That can speed up the start allot. In the meeting we decided that it have to be tried out before we do something like that. But I believe that giving a payer 3 recourses, 2 offensive or defensive cards and 3 road cards to start will give the game a start boost that will make the game last a bit shorter and give the player more interaction faster. I am really excited to see what the group decides to do.

There is also the suggestion that we reduce the win stat by having the player complete only 2 events. I don’t think that is a good idea to make the coins reduce because you will lose allot of the game tiles and the pieces that you need to make the water arrive. I think that like I mentioned in the section over is that with some start boost this will be much better, and the game will be quicker. Even know it now is ca 30 min with 2 players f they play.

Lover the cost of offensive and offensive or giving two cards can also make more interaction, but I think this will make you use much more time because you will fight more with the cards then you will manage to move. So if you stand still too much the gameplay will not be floating, but more like one step forward, 2 steps back.

Al in all it was a great time to playtest with Amit, it gave allot to think about and I could feel the fun of playing the game. I feel I need to work on the new and improved prototype to make the gameplay more easy. But that is a good thing, now we know it works and can focus on making a good game rather than making something we don’t know how will work. We didn’t change much, but we have been talking about why don’t change it, and we have reasons for keeping the game how it is. This is a huge step in the learning process. We have a good game and I am looking forward for the next steps of the prosess. The new cool prototype and programing the game.


Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Presentation

Today we had our presentation, I think it went really well. My group had 9 minutes, and time went so fast. There was a lot more I had practiced before presentation,  but I believed I would have more time. I had 9 minutes, in nine minutes I managed to show the game in a good way.

When I tried to present my game for a presentation video or for testing and practicing I never use less than 12 minutes, so for the 9 minutes with question is difficult to be able to show the entire game.

I didn’t get much feedback, something that I thought was a bit disappointing. With a lot of feedback I would be able to think about if there is something our group needs to changed, and right now I don’t know if there is something that people think I should change.

At the same time our game is working, I have completed the game with my group many times. I have never ended up in a situation in the game where I could not complete it with the rules we have right now. That means that if there are things to be fixed it’s not because it’s not working, it’s because it can be better.

I did get two questions on my presentation.
1:  What do the plug do, and how did the banker arrive on the plot?

The plot is a normal Road card on the table, but when a player have complete 3 event the player will, throw a die and the banker will arrive on the plot with the same number of the dice if there are no plots on the table the player needs to wait until somebody places one.

2: The second question was about the defensive and offensive card, if I could show an example on how it was working.

Come up but at the same time if I would name everything I would have used so much longer time than 9 minutes I feel like I did stumble only one the presentation with not managing to drag out or name all the cards.

I am proud of our game today, it is now working and we’ve been putting so many hours into this project. It was time to finally be able to show the others what we have done, and achieved.


Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) – Feedback from family

My husband gave me some new ideas. Remove the roll dice before the water arrives, this will be make the game less confusing. I agree that removing the dice will make the game less confusing, I did talk to my group and they think the idea was good. Now we changed it to the new idea, and it worked really well.

Should we have a board or a random placing? A question we worked allot on. I think that it would be easier to have a square with the starts, but at the same time my group told me that it then will be difficult to walk outside the board. I am not sure if that is right, but I agree that finding another solution than a white board is smart. We made a start slide that you can measure where the start is placed before the game. I think that can work well. Even know I did get an idea about making the board see true, not sure if that would make the players feel the lines around the game. If it works well that is nice, but I still like the slice better because it is easy to place on the table, and it will make the players able to start different places. So my conclusion is that the start slice is the best solution.


Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) 3D print Game box

Today I made a box in 3D max to have the game inside at home. I was not sure of i should have separate rooms for the game pieces, but I decided I did not need to use time on the box. A simple box will keep all items in one place so I don’t lose anything, and it makes it easier to take with me to play it other places than home. I made it blue because I think the theme Global Warming and water game will give a good match.


After I made it in max I turned on my 3D printer (3DM) and started printing it out. I knew right away that I want a diamond knob on the top of the lid to open and close. This will make the box elegant and good decoration.

I was a bit disappointed in the filament, seems like the blue see true filament is difficult to separate the object from the bedding. It looks rough and I was wondering how to take it of nicely. I thought that using a knife would be the best / only way.

The result was okay, but I used a file on the left plastic, but I wonder if the filament that is a bit see true behaves different than the one with clear color or if it is the type of filament. Ordered one from china that was silver, and this one behaves much better. I believe that it is the type of filament, if that is the case I won’t order much of the original, the one from china was 24 dollar for one kilo, the one original cost 22 dollar for 250 gram. So quality and price into consideration I think I will try to order a see true color from china and see how that behaves.

Now my lid is gray matt blue because of the file, it has a rough surface and right now it needs some love. I think I can use some normal nail polish, but that will smell horrible and it will still look rough. I can use sparkle and paint it, but then it will lose the color. The last option is using gel polish, that will help fix the surface and if I add a top coat over some glitter gel I think it can look like it is supposed to look like that. And with the diamond it will match.box2

I decided that I would try the polish and it went well. But I see that if if I would do this agen i would do some things different. I would make the box walls 3 or 4mm thick, now they are 2 and I think they are a bit thin. With 1 or 2 mm more it would feel more stable. I wish I used the silver color I have, I think the print would look much better, and be easier to take apart from the bedding. I would have made the lid with the same gel color and top coat, That made a really good surface. Maybe that could be the new way to make game boxes? It looks more elegant than the normal game. And the size is small and elegant L-6cm,W-9cm,H-6cm without the diamond, with diamond the height is 9 cm.

I have been thinking what we should use if we make a prototype. Maybe we can use paper and make one in paper. The bad thing about paper at home is that I am afraid it will break. Maybe we can use some kind of plastic protection. Or if we are lucky maybe we can buy some.

This is something we need to talk about inside the group. I see many people online get there games made in china. But that will cost too much if we are only making some games.


Maybe we can go to a used marked and get some used box and add our own design to that. Or memory card box with pieces and make the game pieces from the ones in the box we buy. Only thing about the used ones that they can be damaged and fragile. For now I will wait until next group meeting and see then what they think.


Ludic Studies (UM2LUD101) Comic con offer

Today is a great day/night. I talked to Becky today and she told me that if my group could get the game programed and ready, we can have it at Comic Con in Denver this year. I got so excited. But after 30 minutes my head started working, we need to be done by June.

I really want to have it all done by June, but if I am not 100% sure I don’t want to promise that I can deliver. Better say no thank you, and maybe next year we can make something, then not managing to make what we say we will.

I feel that I need to let her know soon, and right now I want to be able to tell her we can make the game, but realistic I see we will have to much work.

But there is another possibility. And this one is a really great one to! They do have a board game section, if we could make a board game prototype, get some nice cards and make it look good, we can send them a prototype and they can play that in the board game section.

I would love to share my work with everyone at Comic Con, get feedback from people who try it, but only if I can be sure we make something good.

I am really excited to hear from my group now.


Becky did offer me a bed in her house if I would like to go, and now I really want to go. This is an opportunity that I can learn so much from. So I guess I need to start saving 😀