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Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Commit error

Today something happened to the commit, one of the people in the group committed a old scene with assets, the problem is that it’s over a month sense that file been downloaded and updated, so everything sense then is missing. We need that file, but with short time before delivery this could have been a problem. Now all worked on adding their stuff into the scene like it was before. This makes me feel a bit enjoyed and I wish there would have been more omits and synchronization on the files so this could be avoided. As well as I am feeling the pressure of delivery.

After some work, all is back to the way it was. I learned that it is so important to commit every day that When I complete something I commit it right away. I am too afraid of losing my work.

The good thing is that I have written my blog regally and can go back and see what I have worked on and when. I need to be better at adding links to where I found my information in my blog, not only in the document. That way if I use something and don’t remember what it was can just read my journal and find out what I did where and how I found it.



Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Organizing my Time

Right now, I feel I have so much with responsibility, it feels a bit overwhelming but good at the same time. In my private life, I have so much going, right now we are renovating and this takes a lot of time. And the house looks a bit messy, there are tools all around. We have said the timeline, to get done before my birthday 15 June. I will have a celebration for my birthday, I will be 30 years and invited all of my family. Therefore, I can feel a bit pressured to get done in time.

I am alone also alone 17 days this months with our girl, my husband is working in Canada on a project. Even know she is big and can do a lot herself, she does need a lot of attention. Help with school work, dinner, and time to feel loved and special.

I have my job as a 3D designer, I have a contract to work more than 10 hours a week. The experience has been a great experience, I learn new things all the time. And to actually have a company to learn from is really nice.

I have started a new course, where the teacher called me out as the lead artist. I have the responsibility to make sure that everyone is doing their part inside the modelling group. Two older responsibility of the group, I have gotten one of the biggest jobs. My job is to model our two characters. We have been asked work weekends, and after school, and learn the things we need to for programming our own part.

In Studio 2 I have some code to get done, I need to code the options music slides, renders some pictures, and writing the document. One of the things I’m really happy for right now, is that I have written my blog regularly from the start in all courses. This will save me so much work on delivery day, all I need to do is make a PDF and deliver. It sounds kind of easy, I hope that is to.

But even though I have so much to do right now, I feel that I am in control. I have been making a check list of things I need to get done in my OneNote. I love this program, I have different books for different courses, and the list of notes where I can make my checklist, to make sure that I do everything I am supposed to. And so far, I’ve been doing really good. With so much to do, I sleep really well at night. I am tired in the morning, but I know I’ve been doing a really a good job!

And the most important thing is that I am well organized and happy with the tight schedule, less than a month left before I can sit down and feel great about the work I have done.


Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Working on Closing Portfolio

Even know we had a bit of a hard presentation we have a greater project and a fantastic result. We meet up to day and planned how to fill in the things we have left of the closing portfolio. We are all going to work on the document this week to get it done as fast as possible. That way we will be done before time. I like that we all work together on the same goal. Then we all can read and write at the same time. There is a bit code left. Some assets need to be placed out. We all have our tasks and if all do Our part we will be done in time.

I start to feel the pressure of the short time we have left. Would love to have more time to do more, but we have done all we can to make this project fantastic. Better get to work, so much work to get done. 🙂



Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – 2 Presentation

Today we had our presentation and it was horrible. I’m not sure if it could have gone any worse. Let’s go true what went wrong.

In the preparation, everybody in my group was assigned their part to work on.

Hans – Interduce the group.

Hans – Recap/ clarify the project, include the main aim

Bryan – We achieved /present our result

Kitty – How we tackled this project, teamwork/individual

Espen – Challenges Issues

Putle – What will you take to the future

We all made the PowerPoint together, and we went through what we were going to say two times before we did it. In theory I believe we were going to do great, and when you have done this much preparation what can go wrong?

It started with Bryan telling him that he could not manage to be at the presentation, we then asked if we could make a video recording of the presentation, but were told that if we were able we should be doing it live. Hans also came and told us he would not be able to come to the presentation, we are now two people down. We decide that they make a prerecorded audio file, and we will play it on the presentation. Everything is now prepared for the meeting, Espen is supposed to have that recording and it the presentation from his computer. He checked it yesterday and everything was working.

Under the presentation, it started with Putle having background noise. We did not get the sound of the recording of Hans and Bryan to work, we had not made a link to YouTube with the recording, we should have done that. After that all went sideways. I did remember some of what Hans and Brian were supposed to say, so I tried to do that, but I guess I panicked a bit and did not remembering all the words. The worst thing here was when we were all done, and we used much more time than we planned, and what we did tell was nodding off about the positive things that we achieve during this project. But what actually hurt me, was that we were told that we did not practice. I practiced four days, and had really done an effort to make this a good presentation. But from my presentation it didn’t look like I had done anything. I want to start to tell the class that I do a lot of preparation beforehand, but to do that will only sound like excuses. And I don’t like excuses, so the best thing I could do was to be silent and take all the criticism.

To be brutally honest it kind of hurt, I even got a bit embarrassed, I like to do things perfectly. But after I was done I needed to think about what I could do to make it get again, and how I can improve my work for next year or for a job. In the future, all of us will be present to do the presentation, if that won’t work we will make a recording. Recording the audio from half the group did not work as planned, so we need to either do the part of the person that can’t come or I don’t see any other option recording because, this did not work.

One of the things I feel that a lot of the groups have an issue with, mine included. We spend a lot of time talking about the things that we did not manage, when we should use time on explaining what we have achieved in the time we have used. It’s good to be reflective to talk about things that should have been done different and a quick line or two about the things that we did not do is get as well, but we can’t keep on talking about the negative all to the presentation because the audience will feel what we are telling them, and it will sound more like excuses instead of achievements.

I am really happy that we do record presentation, because I know you out with what I had I did a good job, and if I did practice everyone’s part I would have done even better. But at the same time that should not be necessary. But for later I think we will write down more of what we would like to say, and drop some of the babbling, the just sounds awkward for the audience. It was a hard lesson, but at least it was something I learned a lot about. And because it hurt a bit, I think I will remember it really well for next time. So even know the presentation did not go as planned, it was a good experience.


Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Mendeley reference program

Today I learned a new program Mendeley. Great free program that organizes all research. This will make all references and organization of the material I’ve worked with so much easier.

I can store my references by only two taps. It does not get easier!

Thank you Mendeley 🙂



PBL Mind map

I started using mind map for Studio 2 today. Love using this technique. This will make research much easier and organized.  By writing inside this program I can move all around after i write all innside the program. This will make it look more organized and I do not need to write it 20 times.



PBL – Mind map program

I downloaded MindMaple today.

Fantastic program. I been looking for something like this for a long time. Works perfect.





I wanted to follow several blogs, often blogs that can help me with my study. Found nothing on the links we had been given, so I started to search around more specific.

Unity blog 

This is a blog with the engine Unity, that I would love to learn this year. He has tutorials and text, but a perfect combination of both.

Drawing blog

This man draws drawings every day, I just finished my drawing course so this will keep me inspired to keep drawing often.

News blog

This blog is about how to make your blog good, the colors and the design. How to make people like your blog. I hope to learn a lot here.

Draw Blog 

This is a blog with hand drawn art, most of the art is from normal pencils, here you learn the technique of drawing realistic.



PBL introduce myself

Hello everyone. 🙂

My name is Kitty Toft, I am a 2-year Top-Up Student Interactive Media: Games.

I choose games because games are my passion. I love how you can play a game and the game world becomes real. For the games I like is defender games, strategies, sides scroll game, and so much more.

I want to be able to make my own game one day, start my own company. That would make my dream come true.


PBL Week 01, Lecture 02

PBL Week 01, Lecture 02


Web log:

Traditional web sites, look at other blogs to learn TedEd, Lifehacker, Harvard collage.

Don’t believe everything.


C currency

A Accuracy

C Coverage

A Authority

O Objectivity


Reflective journal

  • Is a written record of what you do in your studies.
  • You will be assessed by your journal.
  • Maintain through the studies
  • Make a new school blog??? Mine is only school work.
  • Link my blog to school blog, must be accessible for students and staffAssessment
      • 20% – Reflective Journal
      • 60% – Assignment
      • 20% – Online Test

Critical reflection progress.

  • Tutorials, write about it
  • Don’t copy, record sheets
  • Write your experience
  • Strategies, tool, techniques
  • Reflect to anything, but make sure it relates to your courseInteractionWrite and reflect on other people’s blog.  Make sure you tag the blog to the right course.Write down everything that’s importantGuidanceMore than simple reflection is good.Do critical reflection is good.  Plan       Schedule map, organize, planCheck   Did it work? How well did it work?
  • Modules of reflective practice.
  • Act         Revise, adjust, react, learn, reflect and repeat for continuous improvement
  • Do          Develop, implement, apply
  • PDCA    cycle
  • Continuos improvement
  • What went wrong, how to improve.
  • Not too much, but just enough.
  • Tag courses code and title, be professional.
  • Write down your ideas in your journal
  • Relevance
  • Give constructive but polite comments on other people’s blog.
  • Reflect on other student’s blog, write how you do group work, teamwork and problems.
  • Write right away
  • What did I do? What happen
  • So, what? What does that mean
  • Now what? What needs to happen next

Gibbs reflective cycle

Description:       What happened?

Feelings:             What were you thinking and feeling?

Evaluation:         What was good and bad about the experience?

Analysis:              What else can you make of the situation?

Conclusion:        What else could you have done?

Action plan:       If it rose again what would you do?


The 5 Whys:      Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Work through activity sheet 03.

Journal assessment

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