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Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Studio 2 complete

Last day and we all had a meeting where we made sure we delivered everything together. I love the fact that we do have meetings and work it out together. It is a bit mixed feeling about delivery. I am so proud of what we made, but I wish we could do more. I wish we could make the entire game, not only a prototype. This game is starting to look so good. Now it is showing that we made all our self, that is something that have been important to me. We had a good time working on the project, and we have all learned so much.

I have achieved so much the last months on this project! I started to make a Facebook page for the group, and a WordPress blog. I made a google folder to collect all our work. Set up a GitHub folder for the game.

I did model the alien and scientist character. I modelled the walls, roof, floore, door. I modelled and textured many assets like the fire extinguisher, dropper, shelf, square table, glass containers. Drew, designed and programmed the game HUD, made the GUI, background picture for the start menu (GUI) with particles and buttons and programmed the buttons to send the player to right scene. Made an option scene with audio slider that I programmed to turn on and off the background sound. And a credit scene.

I feel that the start of the course had too much research, research is a good thing, but not when it doesn’t have any meaning for the game/course. I felt that we started the course a bit later then what was intended for the course. But when we started it was a great experience.

Working together in a group and achieving something together was a new experience for me. I have done most of my studies alone because there has not been anyone to work with. I feel that we as a group did a lot together and we communicated in a good way, if we did not agree we voted. With five people in the group that was an easy vote. Even know we are all so different people we always managed to communicate in a good way, there has been no fighting or negative feelings between anyone in the group. We have not always agreed, but we have handled that in a good adult way

To be honest I kind of feel it should be that way, we are all adults and need to work well together. But in real life people don’t get along all the time. And when that happens it’s important to behave.

I feel I did take a lot of the control on what needed to be done in the group this year, I did not have a leader roll, but took it anyway. I pushed for meetings and tried to have control on what who worked on and when. I think it would have been easier if I did take the official roll of the leader, that would have given me a right to ask more and control more. But at the same time, it can make me stricter. And not everyone like to have a girl “bossing them around”. So, for this project I think it all went really well.

For later projects, I think we should have on person who controls time management, we did well as a group, but I believe we can do more if we control it.

I wanted to make the code on the game HUD key, so that if the player found a key it would light up, he would need to find that key in the level to open the door. But I knew time was short so I only made the design but did not have time to implement a code in the game. I knew I did not have time when we started, but if anything went faster than planned I would have the opportunity to make it.

I love the fact that I now have a drawing tablet to draw inside, I used it allot and feel that this will make my sketches better. I will keep on practicing my drawing skills, hopefully I will learn more about it next year.

One of the skills I would like to know more is substance painter. I made my glass assets with it, but did not have the time to get deep into the program. If I have the opportunity to work on that next year that would make my skill improve so much. I would need that skill to complete my models in Unity. My design would be much better, and I will have less seems in my texture when using that type of program.

I hope I this summer can work on my church model that I made outside school. If I can manage to texture that properly with Substance painter I would learn so much in the proses. This will be a great summer activity.

I have not worked inside Unity before and feel I learned so much inside the game engine. My first studio 2 I made a game by myself, and from what I made then I have come a far way. I have figured out that I like Unity more than Unreal engine, Unity is easier to code inside and have an easier workflow. I will continue to work inside Unity next year.

Most important of all is that I’m left with a feeling of pride for Our achivement. This is something I can show in my portfolio.

And with that I would like to say thank you all for now and I am so looking forward for next year Studio 3.



Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – My First GIF

I was really interested in learning GIF files when I saw Bryan’s files last week. He was kind enough to show me how he did it, and it was super easy.

Today I have been working on closing portfolio, when I was writing about what we have accomplished, I really wanted to make a GIF picture of my start menu. I believe that if I have a picture of my start menu, this will be a good thing to put inside my portfolio for others to see. This will show that I can make a good quality start menu for games.

I can use the for other thing like showing off my 3D characters, the texture and so much more. This is a super way to show my skills to the people around me.


How I did it:

  • Important short movie file to photoshop (File-Import- Video Frames to Layers)
  • To export the file go to (File-Export-Save for Web) and save as a .GIF file

Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Presentation Meeting

Presentation is closing up, today we had a meeting and worked true what we would say, and who would say what. This went really well. We all have worked on our part. The last pictures we put inn together today. We had a lot of fun doing today with funny GIF pictures and preparing the final presentation. I’m am a bit concerned about the file we are sending tomorrow, it has some gif files that won’t show if we don’t show it online. But Espen will show his screen on skype, and if not ill have the link ready. The only problem is that I keep on loosing network, so I need to get a network cable to my computer. I won’t manage to get this right now, need to drill in the wall, and that I need help for so I don’t hit any cables insides the wall.

So Espen will do the presentation, he will also play the audio recordings of Hans and Bryan, easier if one person controls all, makes the presentation run smoother. Putle made a play true, and with the backgrounds audio it’s so cool. Think they will be impressed by what we have accomplished.

I’m really excited for the presentation.



Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Preparing for the presentation


Today we started to plan for our presentation. I made a google disk PowerPoint Presentation file, and added all the headlines we need to have inside. After that I started to render out pictures of the work we have completed inside. I think this will be a great opportunity to show what we have accomplished. After that I made a list with the tasks that we all can work on, that way we will all complete out task. We will then all be sharing the work and doing it together.


Hans   Interduce the group.

Hans   Recap/ clarify the project, include the main aim

Bryan   We achieved /present our result

Kitty     How we tackled this project, teamwork/individual

Espen Challenges Issues

Putle   What will you take to the future


Bryan and Hans will not be available on Thursday, so we will have a recording of them. The recording will be played during the presentation.


Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – More assets

I been working on my game assets, using my level sketch as a reference for what to make. To draw a drawing of a laboratory helped me allot when it came to finding things to make for the level. We should have had a clearer sketch of the level and the design. This would save us a lot of work. I tried to draw a good one many times, but I had so much difficulty drawing it, tried to draw one perspective. My head did not manage to get the drawing on the paper. I drew the level scene to get something, and it was a good start.




Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) Game assets

Today I have been working on some 3D assets for our game, I have gone through some new tutorials for Substance painter by Josh, one of our teachers at school. And I need to say the program is amazing, there are so many possibilities here. I really want to learn this program, but I see one challenge, there’s a lot to learn, and I need more time to practice. I wish I could use more time to specifically study this program, but with the game we are making, I feel that I need to step in where ever it is needed. We are really closing up to presentation day, and there are so much that needs to be done. I know it’s now Easter holiday, but if I want to accomplish my dream I need to work and learn new things every day.

Scene view in Unity.

Another thing is that we have so much work left, but if I don’t work really hard I don’t feel like we will manage to complete this project in time. I know it’s not my responsibility alone, but sometimes I feel that we are missing some control what needs to be done, and when we should have completed the task on hand. We did set up a schedule on what needs to be done, and by who and when, but I don’t feel that we are following the plan. Things don’t get done in the time we believe it would be done, and I feel that I am missing control one when the things will be completed. One of the things I think we should have done is started with planning every small task really quickly, for example if we were writing assets on the schedule we should have written every asset that should have been modeled that day.

If we could manage to get that on track now, it would be really nice. That would save us a lot of work in the last week. I hope we can come together and finish this project. The good thing about the group is that we have no personal conflicts between each other, we are all adults and we have managed to work together professionally all year. This is something that I’m really happy about. We also worked a lot of hours together day for managing to delivery and complete our earlier assignment in time.

Now over to what I did make today, I made some low poly models inside 3D Max. After modeling the models, I unwrapped the texture and exported it to FBX formant. By using FBX models we everyone can be able to open Unity without having 3D program installed on their computer.

I imported the models into Substance painter to texture them. After that I imported the model together with the texture inside Unity.

For me organizing inside the files are really important, if you get a big project and things are not organized well it will be really difficult to do all the work. When I imported everything, I made sure that all the files were put in the proper folder and made folders where needed. Now it will be much easier to make anything from the level design to importing asset.

Polys: 251
Verts: 356

Polys: 226
Verts: 245

Polys: 72
Verts: 76



Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – HUD Programming

I know computer programming the game HUD. Espen had already programmed that invisibility, so when pressing the button E on your keyboard you get invisible. Now you have to wait till the game HUD bar has loaded, to be able to press the button E. you will also be visible some second, changing the time for being a visible and visible is easy done by going into the game HUD inside Unity. I think this was way too make the HUD work. Easy to understand for the people playing the game, and easy to change the time for the people who make the game.

I need to program the key, I would like to keep to work like I house key. You need to find the key to be able to open the door, I also would like to light on the key on the game HUD to light up when you collect the key. I think this is a good way for players to see that they have the key they need to open the door.


Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Group Meeting

Today we had a short meeting, we see that the time for delivery is getting closer. The game is starting to look good but we are missing some things.

  1. We need assets.
  2. We are missing some code
    1. I need to complete my code on the game HUD
    2. Scientist disappearing
  3. Animation
    1. Teleporting animation
  4. Audio
    1. Add audio to start menu
    2. Characters

There are some things that we need to work on.

Last time we had a meeting and we did some work together we did a really good job, and all work on making the walls and the floor, we did a good job. I asked in the meeting if anyone had the time and would like to work one evening together, and we decided we would do that on Sunday. I’m really looking forward for that, because that will give us a chance to make a lot of assets in a short amount of time together.


Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – New Game HUD Colours

I now realize that because we are not having any health on the chart, we don’t need a health bar. Therefore, I removed the health from the health bar, and added a circle around the head for the time instead. I also added some more glow to the key. It now looks much more complete and is working much better for our needs.


I made a short movie on how it will look when it is programmed. I need to start the program soon, but because a lot of the code is not mine, it will be some work to go true it. I will try to make the code work by myself first, but if I were to find out I do not manage I will ask Espen for help, because he knows the code.There is some satisfaction in writing something yourself, and making it work. So I will go to work and I hope I will manage to complete the code.




Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – HUD Colours

Now that I have completed drawing the game HUD, I need to add some color.

I think that it is important that the colors are all connected together, therefore I decided to use the logo colors. I colored the HUD inside Photoshop, and in some layers to make it look like it had some 3D effect.

Unfortunately, I did not like it very much because it did not much to her surroundings inside the game, therefore I decided to make it a bit flatter, without all the shadows. I think this looks much more like the style of the characters.