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Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Design group meeting

We decided as a group that we need to establish some design that is working for us, that way we can get some sketches and make some cool assets.

After some talk we decided to make an easy test level that the player can get to know the character. I believe that if we can complete a scene with all assets the rest of the levels will be easy to complete. I made this quick sketch to bring to the meeting, here is all the level need to get started. Sure, we would use other colors but it is important to get started with the design.

After we went true all we would like I started modelling some different walls and some floor plates, Bryan made some nice texture that we could put on, Hans made the normal maps and Espen imported all into the scene, this was a great work meeting. We got so much done, and it was a great group effort.

I like this way of working together, it gives a good work flow and t is much easier to ask for feedback. And the result is great. 



Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Game HUD

The game HUD is getting along, I decided that I think that t would look much better laying straight on the screen, this will give it more weight and make more room for extra details, like the bottle I draw on the end of a tube. I got some inspiration from a tutorial I watched about “Video Game Hud” made by Conde J. He sketches a really nice design and explain the process he recommends to use. I used our logo more this time.



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Conde J. (2015) Video Game Hud Part 2. Available at:

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Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Game HUD

I love to draw on my new Ipad Pro, but I need to work on how and where I am drawing, my shoulder joint is having some issues because I am charging my joint. One of the things I have done wrong is sit in the car and Livingroom couch and draw. This makes my joint get more pressure where and not enough stability. I been working on that, and now see that I need to draw at a table, and have my elbow firmly on the table. This have worked much better.

I been working on the game HUD, and I got some nice sketches. Got some good feedback on the one top left. I like that to, but feel I should manage to maybe add the logo inside it, that I believe would look cool.


Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – New iPad Pro 12.9 inch

I bought iPad pro 12.9 inch today for drawing, I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted, A Wacom drawing tablet, Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD, Microsoft surface etc. another question is what did I need, the price is so high and I need to find something that will help my drawing skills. Wacom is the best product on the market, but it is expensive.

I wanted something that I can move around with, so if I go for vacation I can still work and train my skills. After much reviews and reading I was left with IPad pro, Wacom companion and Microsoft surface. The iPad pro pencil lets you lay it down on the side and you will be able to shadow like a pencil, I loved this feature but the pen cost over 1000 kr. The Microsoft surface don’t let you shadow like this and the drawing do lag a bit behind. The Wacom is really heavy, but draws the best. S how to decide?

I love apple products, they don’t get virus, and the iPad have a lot of other programs and games I can practice on for a low cost, and the drawing is really good. So, at the end I decided to Go for the iPad, and after drawing my first sketch I love it. It feels like paper, but the editing is so easy. You can cut and move out pieces easy and the layers are just like photoshop. I did buy Pro Create for drawing, because that is much recommended for the good drawing feature and how easy it is to use.

My daughter loves Stitch, so drew one with some inspiration from a picture from Pintrest. But to be the first drawing on a tablet I am really happy with the outcome.




Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Option menu

The start menu options now have sliders for the sound, but I’ll wait with completing the code until Hans have come up with some audio files. I can do it now, but then ill either have to make some sound or I’ll have to test it without sound, so better wait and start working on the Game HUD.

For the HUD I’m thinking it will have one timer for invisibility, and when that timer is complete it will make a symbol or make a button visible. But I’ll ask the group what they think.

After skype chat:

They agree on the game HUD, so now I can start to make sketches. I got some feedback on the text font for the game, so I will see if I can change the text font to a new one we found. Neuropol X font. it is free for commercial use. This ensures that we won’t get any legal problems if the game where to be sold some day.

I also got a question if we could make the planet animate, but I am not sure how to solve that because the canvas and 3D can sometimes be hard to make together. I am wondering if we should use time for these details before the game is complete, it all looks good at the moment, but the game is now where near complete. I am not sure that using times on the small detail will be smart before we manage to get the game working. I will take a look at how much work it is before the next group meeting and I will take it up with the others to see what we should focus on from here



Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Start menu working

The main menu (GUI) is starting to look really good. I made a new background picture for the menu because the old one did not look good with the logo. I could have made the credit window black but I felt that the main menu should have matching background in all windows. I have so much fun working with the Main menu, the code is finally getting clear. I understand how to open different files and how to make buttons work. This gives me a great boost of confidence on my work. The other people in my group liked it, something that is important.

Next step now is to get the option button to work, make the audio option able to be turned on and off. This will be something I never tried. Looking forward for that, a new experience.

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Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Preparing for delivery

Today I started the day with working on closing the portfolio. That task was something that I wanted to take and even asked to have on the Schedule. The reason for wanting this task is that if it is started early and we work on it a little bit every week, it will be more complete in the end of the project. Do we have any challenges in week one and we don’t write them down we won’t remember the issue at the end of the project. Therefore I believe that this is something that is supposed to be done true out the project

I start with taking the old report and writing inn all the text from the assignment detail sheet. Breaking all up in small sentences on the top of the assignment. Now we can compare the text from the start with our work during the project. If we now have a situation that changes or we do make it like we say we do, we can only fill in the gaps.

By adding all the information important in comments, like word count. We have all information easy available. I also did add the assignment as pictures at the bottom of the document so everyone can read and make sure nothing is forgotten and that we are all clear on what to write.

When I completed writing all into the document I made a new file in google documents for all our work. Where we can add our work when we complete something new. I believe that doing it this way we make sure we know all that is required from an early stage and that will make sure we don’t get any surprises.

Most important is that we take care of all we make and have all organized safely online. So we can’t come later and say “ohh, where was that?”. I think my group have done that well so far. We did the same with the starting portfolio, and it made the delivery clear and organized.



Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Start menu GUI

Today I started working on the GUI start menu. I made this cool space background image in Photoshop after a good tutorial I found on YouTube. We did not make any decision on what the background picture would be, but because we have the theme that we do with the alien I decided to make it from space. I made a fantasy picture with different planets. Did get some feedback from the group, Bryan came up with an idea, that it would be cool with a space ship inside the picture. I agree on that. Been looking at some space ships, but was not sure what kind. I did get an idea that it would be fun if we made a space ship in 3D that flew over the screen. I think that would make the screen come to life. I want to make some particles fly around, that too would make life in the picture.



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Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – 3D model scientist

I did complete my 3D Scientist today, I used Bryans drawing and the result was good, I had some challenges along the way, with the coat folding over, and the glasses needed some extra polygons to look good. Beside that I feel I did manage to make the character fit our need.

In the picture under is my model and the drawing Bryan made, I used that sketch to model from.


There is one problem that can happen if I use allot of polygons, the game can become super slow. If I don’t think about that when I make models I can get problems with the game speed. I have some experience with that and learned that less is better.

The only worry I do have now that the model is low poly is that it can be a challenging to texture it. Putle will have that job, and he uses Sustain painter. Good thing Putle have experience here.  This is something I know nothing about. So if there is challenges here I have no way of helping. I know well how to texture, but I unwrap and make the textures in Photoshop.


I love that we all have different skills, This will make me able to learn allot of new things that I don’t know from before.



Studio 2 (UM2ST2101) – Schedule

I am excited to see who have manage to complete their task this week, and if last week idea worked. If we did plan to much or not enough for a weeks work.

We have a meeting today and I feel we need to make a more clear plan on what the task will be until the delivery. I think I will make a file inside google with a week schedule for the tasks we will do. I believe that if this is not done, we will not be able to complete the game in time.

If this week task are complete, that will show if the schedule is working, and if things are not completed we have taken on to much work into the Schedule. In that case we need to work more on how to plan the tasks.

6 hours later

I’m now done making an schedule. We only need to fill in the work we believe we can accomplish in the time we have. Hope the group will like it. This will make the project more organized if we can manage to keep the time table we set. And it is important to remember that we always use more time then we plan. I believe that if we take that into consideration we will manage to make the prototype in time. If it do not work like I intend it to I am not sure what to do, so I cross my fingers. The meeting is soon so I won’t have to wait long to figure out if this is going to work.

Schedule –