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Speed coloring water art


Now the drawing course is over for this time, but it’s only the course that is over. I love to draw, and this I will do more. Try to set my goal to draw at least four days a week. So going to post images occasionally of my progress. As final of my art in this course I drew an Indian girl with a glass of muddy water. Not everyone has access to clean water. A little hard to get depth with colors, that I have to work more on.
She did not look totally realistic yet, but I’ll be better when I have practiced more.

Thank you for 7 exciting weeks of drawing. This has been incredibly fun. Can not wait to see the continuation of this chapter.


Global issue water day 4.

I wanted to draw a girl looking at the water through a hole in the wall. This represents that those who are not doing well, knows there’s something better out there, they just can not reach it.

I used markers and fine line to make this drawing. Love the way the markers look on the paper. Clear colors.



Global issue water – Line art

This is lineart of a drop of water dripping. The drop before made the water under uneasy. Made with Markers and black line brush pen.



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Global issue water

Children and adult go thirsty, this is a great problem round the world. How can we tell the story with drawings?
I think that a lot of truth appears in the eyes of a child. So how about making children eyes to water.



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Soft pastel art -Fall By Kitty Toft

Today I made a picture with soft pastel, I used quality paper to draw on. The image was created from my imagination, inspired by the colors and the season outside.
I like to see how images are drawn, therefore I filmed how I drew the picture and thereafter I reduced the time to create speed drawing video.

one drawback is that my scanner is too small for the picture.







Line art




Outside my window



Extra line drawing



Sketches of me



Sketches of family

I forced the family to sit still while I drew them. Who would think it was so difficult to get people to sit still. Was much easier to find the dimensions of the body when you have real people to draw from.