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Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – Goblin model

Characters known by Monday, and I believe that I might be the one that has modeling skills. Therefore, I decided to tell the others that I could make the character. And there is no doubt about it, I and in a hurry. I need to have a locally goblin sketch before I can model, and I’ve barely seen a goblin before. They told me that I should search for “Goblin” and “Warhammer”, that some results of what they were looking for. I did that and I made sketch today, now I make a low poly character. I am quite satisfied with the sketch, especially thinking about time I have to make it.



Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) Vote for the game

Today we had vote for witch game we were going to make. Our team is the one that has the most asset, and models that needs to be made. That means that if we make our game, it will be a lot of work. I did vote for that game anyway, because it’s a really cool game. Unfortunately, we did not get enough votes to manage to make this game. But luckily all the games are good games. In the important thing is that the game get completed in the time we have. We did get someone to give news, our game design document was the best document delivered today. That is something that makes me really proud of the work that we have achieved.

They game that won was “Dizzy Goblin”. And I was named lead artist of the project, something that made me really proud. I will do really good job for the game, but I also will need to have my own part that I need to program. To make sure that I do this well I have started some fish oils online, and download an application that will teach me to code. I am actually doing much better than I believe the inside the application, but I still got a long way to go.


Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – GDD “Get out my bar!“

Today we had a vote on game we were going to make a game designed for, there were four games, that four groups. One of the game that were picked was made by Hans, the name of the game is “Get out my bar!“. All the students online were supposed to work on this GDD. The funny thing is that the students working online the same people I work with in studio 2. Hans, Espen, Putle and me.

We made a Google document, and started filling out the game design documents together over Skype. I really like to work on the documents this way because it makes it easier to ask the questions over Skype directly, instead of writing about and sending them. I think the game design document was really good. We did write more than 16 page, and added all the important information. We did not like the game document from the bottom, we use a template and gave credit inside the document to the person who made it. The template was really helpful, and really get when you are finished. On Friday, we will choose which game we will make. And I’m really excited.


Technical Direction (UM2TDI051) – My game idea

First day of school is over, and our first assignment is to come up with a game idea. We are to choose between Fight game and platform jumper. I love platform jumper’s games like Super Mario and Raymond. There is no doubt I would love to make that. I came up with an idea for that type of game, I even added a small sketch to show what was on my mind.

My game idea:

Cloud jumper
The player can fly on the clouds to get to the stars, there will be an adventure with the most beautiful views.
Look out for pirates on the clouds, they will vacuum up your clouds
Core mechanics:
The character can move the cloud left, right, forward and backward.
To move up and down the player will need to pick up clouds. Dark cloud goes down, light clouds go up.
There will be hearts that the player can pick up to get more health.
Pick up
Life, Clouds for moving up and down, diamond for points.
The levels will have different obstacle in the air, like air balloons, thunder and lightning, birds etc.
There will also be evil pirates on cloud ships, they can steel all your diamonds and vacuum up your clouds.
When he levels up he will get new cloud skins with different control settings
Win condition:
The game is won when the player gets to the star on the top.
Lose condition:
If the character gets thrown of the cloud by any danger.

Super Marios enemy why flies on the clouds.
Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Raymond video games flies.