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Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Exhibition

I was invited to the exhibition at school, and they asked me to come to show my game. it was so exciting, and I got so much good feedback. I made some more changes to my game, new textures and got a list for my scoreboards.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Grade

I got my grade back on my assignment, and for that reason I made my character hold my grade strong and proud. I did a good job this year and I am so proud of what I have accomplished.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Preparing Delivery

Now all is complete and I started to pack my files, the only file missing now is my blog. I been writing blog for 6 years. and I like writing down the process and reflection. It is so great to have a place to look at when you want to remember what you have done. This has been a exciting year, and thank you all for following my progress. I’ll add my game movie here, that way you can get a look at what this project did for me. And how it ended up looking in the end.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Reflecting

I worked alone on my project, But I got some help with the programming from my husband. Working alone is a challenge, no one to lean on and it is harder to ask for help. The good thing is that I only relied on myself, that way I was in charge of the project and how all was organized. That made me have a good organizing and proper planning on the project.

I did have a lot of challenges in this project, that is the best way of learning and gives me success when accomplishing them.

The weather is something I can’t change, and when the winter came early and with a massive amount of snow I was afraid I didn’t have the textures I needed, but the ones I didn’t have I made in photoshop and Substance Design.

Substance painter and Substance Design are very complex programs with a lot of settings, and they can feel quite intimidated to learn and master. I did not find the time to learn Substance painter, but I made multiple materials in Substance design.

A seamless texture is an essential feature in my game, and that is a learning curve to manage to make them, but after I figured out how I could create it and edit the materials, it worked out nicely.

Finding somewhere to show all my textures were also tricky. After searching thru other people’s work and getting answers to my research I found Marmoset, this is a great way to show my textures.

The model of the environment was complicated to get nice, I ended up buying a program called World machine to get it done, here there were much more settings then Unity, and I got an excellent terrain that I could edit inside Unity after the base was done.

My research question was made with one teacher, when the teacher changed, we talked and figured out I should make a new question. The new question was much better, and it was more appropriate for the project and my specialization.

Getting the game ready for oculus rift was a hope, but there was not enough time to implement this into my game. I hope to be able to make that happen this summer, that way I can play my game and get a feel for the game and textures.

My health gave me a challenge at the start of the year, I was in and out at, and it took some time, now it is better, and my new medications don’t give me lousy side effects. The last six months have been much better, and I can accomplish anything.

My river was a problem that kept me up at night, it did not have a pleasant waterfall and was missing its realism. At the last moment, I bought a river generator and made the river easily. This had moving and programmed materials and models that had the settings build in.

One of the things that I would like to find a solution for is a light problem when building, and the scene is dark for six seconds before it loads the light. This should not be a hard fix, but so far I am still working on the solution.

I feel I mastered my challenges and got a lot of experience from this project. I am looking forward to work on my game and edit the things that needs to be done. This is a great learning curve while searching for work.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Movie

I made my movie complete today, and it looks good. Like the way I made the story. There are some changes I need to do in the game after delivery, that will be my summer project. Ill start to change my sounds, and add more of them. The movie I will post last second before I deliver.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Programming Complete

The programming is finally done. This is so exciting. We have been testing everything for the last days, and it is so cool. The flute animation works as well, but I hope to get some particle notes to fly from it. The knights walk between random points, some of the points have paths that he will have to follow if he choose that point. So now the player can walk close to the knight, but on real close hold, the knight will start to follow the player. If the player plays the flute sound the knight will react on a longer distance, turn from his route and walk to the player. If the distance gets too much the player will turn and walk the other way.

If the player comes in contact with the knight the health will reduce. If the player goes inside the water the knight will follow till the shoreline and jump after the player, if that happens the knight will drown and the player will count the knight on the counter in the corner.

I see this as a huge success. I am so excited to show the game to my class on Thursday. Now I am missing only some things design things before I need to complete the video.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Flute

I was given a great advice in my last teacher-student meeting, to add something visually when the flute is played. The last details are taking place and I took the time to make a simple 3D flute and added some note particles to it. My husband programmed it to only show when the flutes played, the model shows up and the particles start to play. It looks so cool, I am so excited it works.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Gif Story

I decided to take some time to sketch up a quick story, where you can see the storyboard of how the Nixie lures the knight into the water and drowns him with her beautiful flute music. I used my iPad to draw and Photoshop t make the GIF file. I tried one with and one without background, and I see the best was when I had a background color. If the project was longer I would have made an animation video of this sequence. But for now, it will be a sketch animated GIF.


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – River

The river has been a challenge throughout this project. I decided that it was time to see what I could find at Unity store, and I found a great river pack, here you can make your river and add textures and change the settings to fit your scene. I decided to buy this pack for 17$, it was on offer.  And it is a great pack. I gave it a couple of tries to see what I liked. I made speed video of the process after I figured out how it worked, and it was a really good and realistic river. I will use this again! You can get it HERE

Gave a good review:


Speed video of my work


Studio3 (UM3ST3351) – Game Healthbar and Counter

I need the character to take damage, I decided to make the health bar easy and neutral, this design looks good and doesn’t take much attention away from my game. I drew it on my iPad and edited it in photoshop. When the enemy gives the character damage the screen will flash red to give a bigger indication that there has been an impact.

I made a small circle in the top right corner to count how many enemies have drowned. This way I give the people who play a bit of competition.