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Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Final blog

I am finally finished with my assignment, and it has been a wave of feelings. It felt like I was so stuck two weeks ago, then I started to write about Kattasticks and it got so much better. I now feel I learned a lot and see the positive help in making a heuristic evaluation. It will save me so much time to do this at an early stage.
Would be fun to send the assignment to the maker of kattastick’s. Think they should have some good use for it. I did not mention that they should have a better collider in their game because I consider this to be a part of the gameplay. The gameplay should have their own analysis done.
I am concluding with the importance of this assignment and that I would not recommend anyone to waste their time playing Kattasticks.


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Meeting

I had a meeting with Filipe today about what I should do and get some feedback on my thoughts. I felt this was necessary to get on with my tasks. I was originally planning to write about my own game, or maybe about sniper elite 4. After the meeting, I was planning to do it on Sniper Elite 4 but starting to look at the game it is really well made. They have all the information I would like, and I now know that game a bit to well to start an analysis of it at this time. I went into Xbox store and searched for a new game I have not tried before. I found Kattastick’s, a small game that looks kind of cute. I believe this will be a better way to start. Now I will get to know the game for the first time and evaluate someone else game. It looked like this game was a good size for me alone. I am excited to start writing.


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Interface

I drew up a sketch of the game view to show the idea of how the interface will look. The important things here is the kill score, health, and arrows.


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Game Menu all Most Complete

The talk with Mathieu went really well. he thinks I have improved a lot the last two weeks. he gave me an idea of adding some more realism with some curtains and laying the swords down. I worked on it all evening and now it finally looks really good. I am proud of what I have made, this will look so cool in my game. I’ll implement it tomorrow. Only need to add some light and make the buttons.


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Game Menu Design

I made new textures for the shield with my logo and rendered the model in high quality for having in the scene.

I tested the shield with the sword, the sword size did not look any good together, and the design was missing something.

Now I made the wood background, and I feel a bit lost. I’ll add some stone or metal to the sides to add some details and have a chat with Mathieu later today. I did like how I managed to integrate the logo.



Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – New Layout

Now that I am making a game menu, I started sketching right away. I feel I change all the time, the different designs are inspiring.  My first sketch the knight on the side, maybe with some particles this was a nice idea. And if I add the logo on the shield, that would be so cool. That was a good idea from Filipe.

For the logo, I tried some different styles before I found the right one for me.

  1. I chose “Old English Text MT”
  2. Photoshop to make it 3D
  3. Added metal layers

The logo looked so much better and more quality with the metal. I like the rust effect on it.

I did not like the bricks when on paper, the knight was out of place and the text blended in and made it look messy.

I love this colors, the background was found on Pinterest, good inspiration. But the flames and knight looks out of place. I need to make it more realistic.

This was really nice, I will try to make this. render the 3D models of shield and sword to make it look higher quality.


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Presentation

We were told last night at 21:30 that we have a presentation today. I was first one to present and got a lot of feedback.

  • Present the game on every presentation.
  • More textures on the logo, metal, and rust.
  • Shield is not transparent
  • Lighter scene and logo
  • The knight’s shield can have the logo.
  • Make game menu



Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Title screen ideas

I made some title screen with my ideas. The logo and how it is placed. This feels a bit confusing. so I am looking forward to some feedback. I like the new text font, it shows the medieval age. My terrain is getting better, like showing how much I have accomplished so far.


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Proposal


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – Visual Identity


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