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Interactivity (UM3DFI101) – What to Make, Thoughts…

Some thoughts about what I would like to make in this course, I have some ideas and thoughts about it.

  1. Portfolio
    • Shows what I can do
    • Gives employers something to hire me by
    • This will need me to find old work to post
  1. GUI for my game
    • Gives my game an extra part
    • Helps people when they play my game to get a good feeling
    • There is some programming in this, I can use much of the code I have from my last game and I will make this work.
  2. Homepage for my company
    • Help get customers for when the school is over
    • Shows my best work
    • People can contact me
    • I have no idea how to make a homepage, only designing one.
    • I will need a lot of exceptional help

I was recommended GUI, I would like to make the homepage, but I see the value of making the GUI and the fun.
I could make a game menu room in 3D, so I can walk thru the menu and move around using Oculus Rift. That would have been amazing.
I do have something extra for Vintage design, not sure how that would be inside my game. Maybe I should make a design from nature.


Design For Interactivity (UM3DFI101)

The first day, and I am so excited. I have some ideas for the direction I would like to take.

  1. I just started my own company “De Lagarto Toft” this is so I can hold my Unity course. I am wondering if I should make the home page for the company. This is something I need before school is over and its a great practice.
  2. Professional portfolio to share all my work, I have made one at Artstation, but this can be integrated into my homepage.
  3. GUI for my Studio 3 project. This would be cool, but I believe it is more important to make a homepage. This will make a difference in my future.

Books recommendation for this project, Found some nice PDF files of the books.

Maeda, J., The Laws of Simplicity. Available at: [Accessed February 5, 2018].

Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things. Available at: Design of Everyday Things – Don Norman.pdf [Accessed February 5, 2018].

Norman Donald, Emotional Design. Available at: [Accessed February 5, 2018].

Moggridge Bill, Designing Interactions. Available at: [Accessed February 5, 2018].

Universal Methods of Design: 100 Ways to Research Complex Problems, Develop Innovative Ideas,
and Design Effective Solutions
by Bruce Hanington and Bella Martin

Lidwell, W. et al., Universal Principles of Design. Available at: Principles Of Design 125 Ways To Enhance Usability Influence Perception Increase Appeal Make Better Design Decisions And Teach Through.pdf [Accessed February 5, 2018].