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Design For Motion (UM3DFM051) – Text

I was having some challenges making the text come out like it is engraved. The image did not hide like I wanted it to. Shows out I did not change the settings to reveal the image. After I did that It started to look good. I worked a lot on challenges like the size of burning, how the shadows would reveal the text. This is an effect I would like to try again sometime.

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Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – My Showreel

Today I completed my portfolio, and it ended up looking good. I used many hours on this assignment and when I look at all I have accomplished and made I am proud of the work.

ArtStation –


Hospital visit

I have been having some problems with my medications lately. They have made me feel quite ill and out of shape. This week I was admitted to hospital for changing of medication. One of my new medicines I get intravenously.  I got home today and the new combination of medication should make me feel better. So far it seems to be working better, but the doctors say I will know more in the next week. This has affected my schoolwork some. I have been working hard to make sure I’m keeping up with all my schoolwork. Hopefully the new medications will let me get back to normal.

“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be worthy of my smile”  – Jen AT


Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – Particle behavior

This week we have been given an assignment to make 4 different particle effects. This has been a really big learning curve for me, I don’t have much experience with Unreal except for the flag I made with cloth modifier. but I already learned so much. It’s been a really good experience diving into the tutorials. They show me not only how to make the particles, but also editing folders and organizing my files. I made sure to make all my files with my name, that way if we all connect our particles they are all named separately. This will ensure that we don’t have much complications with placing all the files together.

I choose rain to be my first particle, and it was a good way to start. I really enjoyed how I could make something without importing anything inside the engine. I choose to not import any materials for the particle, the assignment specified it is based on the movement, not the esthetic. From here I choose to make sparks, firework and snow. I am happy with the particles I made, I would have liked even more time on learning this effect, they give so much opportunities. I wish we could have learned it in Unity because of my studio 3 assignment. I think that if I have started making the particle in one program there is much similarity in the different engines. I tried in 3D Max some years ago, and it is much of the same there.


Animation (UM3PAN101) – Castle Complete


I unwrapped and textured the castle today, because it will be in the background I did not make too many details. I used Photoshop and 3D max for the castle and I think I made it look good. Ole and Kitti sent me some pictures of the scene now with the trees and castle in the scene, and it looks awesome. I need to texture the trees and then we are starting to get done with the design. I am so excited for how it will look at the end.


Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – Unreal scene

I started to add export all my models from 3D Max to .FBX objects. From there I found out it was easier for me that was having the models open next to the engine to test with importing the files.

I imported all the models into Unreal and placed them where I believe/ think they should be. It looks cool, now we only need the rest of the models in the scene and add some textures to get a good start, adding the particles and it will look awesome!


Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – Flag challenge

Fantastic feeling when I today managed a challenge from yesterday. My teacher John asked us to manage to make a flag in Unreal engine, with cloth modifier. His flag did not work like it should so that gave me a challenge with a reason to complete it. So, after looking at some tutorials on YouTube I finely managed it. But I did spend a bit of time on it, but it was worth it. Now I am left with a feeling of accomplishment.

I really enjoy when our teacher does that, tells us our name and gives a question of a challenge. If we don’t feel like it we don’t do it, and he don’t mention it. That way it’s not pressure, but push in the right direction. This gives me extra energy and makes me work twice as hard to manage it. Learn so much by that.

I needed a plugin from Nvidia. But then it was good. Plugin below for anyone else who needs it

A big thank you to GameDevMan for making the tutorial. You can find his tutorial by pressing HERE!




Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – Meeting 16.10.2017

Meeting time

This time the meeting was much better. Team leader told everyone what they needed to show up at meetings or at least write in the document that they can’t come. Today we were 7 of 8 people.

We were also told to write inn all information on what we been working on so that there is an overview of what we have done. This makes the organizing much better. Good work from team leader!

Today I did take on some new work task, make all the models in the scene to separate FBX objects and upload them to Google drive. I also took the job texturing my models for my new assignment, easier for me that have built them. I will do that in Substance Painter and use Josh tutorial to get started. I will have a challenge on getting them as nice as the character, but for sure I will give it an effort.


Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – Modeling

We agreed that I would do most of the modelling in the environment scene. I really enjoy working with modeling, it is so much fun. Even better when I have something to work out from, like the sketch they drew up of the environment. This makes all much easy for me to model.

For making the trees I had some options, I could use line tool and draw the tree, I can make a plane and shape after the tree but I choose to make a box and extrude out the branches or make wholes and drag out the lines.

I believe this method made the mesh cleaner. Under I added a picture of low poly tree and high poly tree.


Procedural Animation (UM3PAN101) – Meeting

Kitti asked if someone could write notes on the meeting today because he would not be able to attend today’s meeting. I like writing notes, so I volunteered. When the meeting started there was only one person there. After a half hour a new person came. Beside that no one showed up. And there was no information if they would show up.

We need to become better at letting each other know if we can show up on the meetings, if we can’t be there we need to write an update on what we have done, and when we will be done with that.


Notes 11.10.2017

We need to write in the organizer document if we can show up to meetings.

Do we vote over the background color?

Everyone is writing the GDD? Not only the IMG?

Should we writeit all in one document, not 3?

Do we make our own scene for Unreal with our assets?

Me and xx talked about maybe having a background to the assets en the environment to give more depth in the scene

Resource1 – away

Resource2 – away

Resource3 – made the trees, fence, ground and castle.

Resource4 – is rigging the character, face (eyes, eyebrows etc.) When he is done with the rigging of the character he will start motion capture.

Resource5 –

Resource6 –

Resource7 –

Resource8 – we talked about maybe drawing up some more backgrounds behind the assets to give the scene some depth.


We are a good group, so I have decided to hide the names.