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Hollywood editing

Before & after editing the movies. Love this…. Inspired  😀

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recommended by my teacher Cristina to follow on youtube

#1 Alphonso Dunn,

also author of Pen and Ink Drawing Guide,

#2 Art of Wei

#3 ProkoTV

#4 Draw with Jazza

#5 Bobby Chiu

#6 Robert Marzullo

#7 CG Master Academy

#8 Drawing Art Academy

#9 New Masters Academy

#10 Fin Arts Tip

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Gol stave-church

My latest Project is all most finished. I’m so happy to be able to show everyone the art I’m making.


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C# Fundamental for Absolute beginners

Today I’m looking at some new tutorials for C# Fundamental for Absolute beginners at Microsoft Virtual Academy. I feel it’s important that I keep on training so I’ll be ready for school when it starts up in August.

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I created the game Survival Shooter in Unity. I followed tutorials from Unity 3D.

Exciting tutorials


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non Quad Selector

Helps you find polygons with more than 4 vertex. Helps keep a clean mesh.



Naming practice note


Bird_R_Wrist_Jnt (Jnt = short for joint)
Bird_L_Eye_Geo (Geo = short for geometry)
Bird_C_spine_Crv (Crv = short for curve)

Using shorthand in the naming is common practice. Here is a list to help you:

centre c

left l

right r

aim aim

animation control ctrl or anim

blendshape blnd

bone bn

curve crv

FK joint/bone fk

geometry geo

group grp

IK joint/bone ik

ikHandle ikh

joint jnt

locator loc

morph target mrph

muscle msl

null nul

pole vector pvec

pivot pvt

rotate rot

scale scl

surface srf

target tgt

translate pos

up vector up
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